Cleaning Supplies

16inch and 17inch Floor Scrubbing Pad, Glomesh - Mexico
16inch Floor Polishing Pad, Glomesh - Mexico
17inch Floor Buffing Pad, 3M - USA
Broom Stick
Dry Mop Set (Frame, Handle, Cotton), China
Duster, China
Garbage Picker, Italy
Hand Brush, China
Hard Brush, China
Hard Brush, Germany
Hard Brush, Sri Lanka
Kitchen Cloth, China
Kitchen Cloth, India
Metal Floor Wiper, Taiwan
Mop Plastic Cotton, Taiwan
Plastic Trolley 30L with Painted Push-Bar, Filmop-Italy
Round Mop Full Set - 300gm
Steel Floor Wiper, Belgium
Toilet Brush, China
Toilet Brush (Without Holder), Turkey
Toilet Brush Clear Type (Without Holder), China
Trash Bag
Kentucky Mop - 300 gm, China
Large wide band cotton mop (400gm), China
Window or Glass Wiper Set, Italy