IC Duo Rotary Floor Machine

From the top it's all new ergonomic handle, through the smart anodised tube down to the power unit and base, the all new Professional range offers a stylish machine designed to cope with the tough environment of today's cleaning business.

The Professional range offers a unique 'active suspension' system that 'decouples' the complete drive system from the base of the machine through anti-vibration mounts. These mounts have been specially tuned using sophisticated testing equipment, ensuring maximum comfort for the operator under all conditions of use.

If that wasn't enough, we have 'decoupled' all the power from the operator by using a custome moulded flexible assembly, located where the handle joins the machine.

With it's powerful 1100 watts and mechanical soft start, the Professional range offers new standards of comfort and power to any cleaning application.

The Rotary is available in a range of speeds and voltages and includes a wide range of accessories.

Volatge 110v & 230v 50/60 HZ
Pad diameter 43cm
Brush diameter 45cm
Height 1210mm
Pad Pressure 27.gm/cm2
Speed 190/380rpm
Motor ac induction
Motor rating 1100watts
Cable length 15meters
Weight 40kgs
Noise level 53db
Noise level with vacuum 69db
Insulation class 1


Solution Tank(FCTRAC00115)
Suction Unit(FCTRAC00056)
Shampooing Brush(FCTRAC00118)
Drive Disc(FCTRAC00116)
Scrubbing Brush(FCTRAC00117)