Acid Cleaner
5L, Germs kill 99.9%, Tough stain removal, Leaves toilet visibly cleaner
Glass Cleaner
5L, Clean Mirrors, Windows all glass surface
All Purpose Cleaner
5L, Fragrance and cleaner for surfaces and floors
Hand Wash Liquid
5L, Remove dirt and protect from germs and bad odors, 4pcs/1ctn
Pine Disinfectant
4L, for floors walls, woodwork, surfaces and equipment, kills 100% germs, pine scent, 4pcs/1ctn
Antiseptic Disinfectant
5L, Sterilizer and disinfectant, 4pcs/1ctn
4L, Bleach Cleaner (CHLORINE), 4pcs/1ctn
Carpet Shampoo
5L, Clean, Deodorize and protect, 4pcs/1ctn
Hand Sanitizer Gel
5L, Anti-bacteria long lasting, 75% ALCOHOL, 4pcs/1ctn
Dish Wash Liquid
5L, Removes the toughest grease, burnt residues and unpleasant odors, lemon flavor, 4pcs/1ctn
Multi Purpose Cleaner
5L, Multi Purpose Cleaner