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Carpet and Grouted & Textured Hard Floors Cleaning Products
Host Cleaning Products

HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner

Excellent for most cleaning jobs. Great for greasy, heavy soil, restoration or general cleaning of carpet and grouted & textured hard floors.
  • Case of 4 – 12 lb. buckets
  • Pallet of 16 – 30 lb. buckets
  • Pallet of 32 – 30 lb. buckets
  • Pallet of 48 – 30 lb. buckets

HOST 2.2 lb. Handy Pack

HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner in a convenient to use 2.2 pound package. Handy for routine spot removal and small area cleaning. Perfect refill for the HOST Carpet Spot Removal Kit. Keep one or two on board the Liberator for spot cleaning. No added fragrance.
  • Case of 12 – 2.2 lb packages
  • Case of 6 – 2.2 lb packages

HOST Spot Remover

Great, all-around spotter that can remove most any spot or spill when used with HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. Special emulsion removes grease, oil and water-based spots. Excellent for gum, tar and hardened food spots.
  • Case of 12 – 1 qt. bottles
  • Case of 12 – 8 oz. bottles
  • 1 drum – 15 gallons

HOST PREP Traffic Lane Booster

Traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpet. Specially formulated to be used with HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. Concentrated—one gallon of concentrate makes five gallons of ready-to-use solution.
  • Case of 4 – 1 gal bottles

HOST Pre-Clean

Premixed PREP in a handy to use 7 oz. pump spray bottle. All the benefits of PREP without having to dilute and mix the product.
  • Case of 12 – 7 oz. bottles

HOST Carpet Spot Removal Kit

A must-have for the professional cleaner or in-house staff. Everything needed for cleaning spots and spills quickly. Kit contains: two 2.2 lb. packs of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner, one 8 oz. bottle of Spot Remover, one 7 oz. spray bottle of Pre-Clean, a white towel and a HOST Spotting Brush.


HOST spotZAPPER 2-in-1 Brush
A specially designed, two-in-one brush that attaches to any standard, threaded handle for quick and easy stand-up spot cleaning. Proper spacing of the bristles maximizes the cleaning power of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. One side has white bristles for use on cut pile, softer textured carpet; the other side has black bristles for commercial low pile, cut pile and loop pile carpet. Carries a lifetime warranty
Spotting Brush White/Medium
A specially designed hand brush with properly spaced bristles to maximize the cleaning power of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. The white bristles are designed for softer textured carpets such as those found in a residence.